No Dragons Press: A HIGH FANTASY Serial Fiction Podcast

"Stoner fiction" doesn't even begin to cut it. No Dragon Press is a bonkers stoner fantasy/sci-fi adventure. Written and read for you by Maggie Gibbs. Intended for audiences over 21.
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No Dragons Press: A HIGH FANTASY Serial Fiction Podcast



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Feb 27, 2017

I've been meeting with some amazing people lately to talk business, and in today's episode I take a bit of time to share how empowering and motivating that is. If you're feeling stuck in your job and you think you should be doing something else, talk to your friends who have done something about it--live long and prosper and keep using your powers for good.

Speaking of using your powers for good: let's respect the people around us by allowing them to just exist. That's what we all hope for ourselves and our loved ones and that's what we should all hope for each other. Your experience is not my experience and that is awesome.

So! No Dragons Press: A HIGH FANTASY Fiction Podcast continues with chapter 33, Suspicions and Certainties. Addie continues expounding on her great idea from the previous chapter--and she throws in an A-Team reference. (See if you can spot it.)

Thanks for listening, and check out for links and info!

Feb 17, 2017

Guys, I'm sending out my first Patreon gift! I'm super excited because these early gifts are really special and one-of-a-kind. I'm not a giant corporation with warehousing space or anything, it's just me and my hands (and, when I'm lucky, the much more talented hands of my illustrator and dear friend Emily), and we've really been enjoying meeting about this stuff.

I promise, I won't beat this Patreon stuff into the ground, I just wanted to offer it as an option for people who might want to help keep the show running. Definitely keep listening for free if you want!

And in the story...Addie actually finds a way to help. I KNOW. (She also drops a sweet Star Wars reference -- or two -- but learns that Duc is more of a Trek guy. Who knew?)

Feb 8, 2017

Weekly Illustrated Fiction is back! Check out to check out Emily's new incredible artwork, a dragon from chapter 18. "Bliss and Ignorance," and fucking Xenia herself from chapter 19, "The Point of An Arrow." (She's absolutely incredible. I'm so in love with her. Emily is an oracle.)

So! Check out Emily's art at and make sure to visit for anything you need. Now, I hope you enjoy chapter 31: Xenia Knows Best.

Feb 7, 2017

Whoops! Had some technical difficulties. Wasn't able to check in earlier. Sorry, guys.

In today's chapter, Addie hits a personal low, while Nate hits a physical one.